Sunday, July 25, 2010

People whom i miss the most -_-

lol i made it :P
the numberings re just the numbers so please don b mad t me :}

1. tuffy-

sadass dawg i miss ye a lot.. thou yu re happily rolin on my bed tat yu ve successfully stolen from me to get ur ass on AC, i stil miss yu. yu sadistic canine yu :)

2. jinx- my o my, its true what they have said.. don ask me what i cant remember :P we were not very close at all.. but 3 months before i left, we became really close frens... real close n i think yu re one o the few ppl i cal up whn i am upset... things i mis bout yu
1. X
2. ur "eeeeeeiiiii" wavering sound
3. u

3. dee - lol is the word i get whn i think bout yu dee. cos yu learnt tat word usage from me n yu re usin t for almost everythn..
vas: i m havin afever o 103**
dee:lol why
vas:i dunno sm prob no idea
dee:lol ok
vas:podinga !!#$@$@
:) miss yu sis.. miss yu loads. ur forever mama, vas :P

4.fatfuu<- first o all thanks for all the lies to my mom da.. n macha unna thitarthuku kaarname vendam da. avlo gethu yu re :) for us mama macha = %%%$#@ %^$@ lol :) 6 years la odamba korakaren nu soliye 6 years aaga pogudu(its been six years since you said yu ll reduce ur weight in 6 years) :) betta become a bit slim or yu ll b molested in US man.. mis u yu retarded f$%#

5. profiaso- sniper_mag_aimbot_ye filthy old hag_vidhai_vidhwalk_lol.. ivlo vishiyam.. n stil yu rox :) drag from inferno to dust2.. headshot to ur own teammate in mid.. there are some things money cant buy n these re som o those moments :D

6. va_vaaila:P- same as kar, thanks for all the lies to my mom :) college la if i ve spent 50 k, actully t wudave been 10 k :P mass. n u n ur tales bout the sister messagin yu :P n the full time investigation in the hostel room.. mass tyms those were :) yu rox da

7. Preeth aka bluberry, yu re one of my favourite ever smiling people in this earth and no matter what preeth i am damn sure, i can never make yu cry :D yu rock the way yu re and m damn sur ei miss yu despite being in the same place

8. swe- seriously i DID NOT know tat yu were from my coll swe :P till we joined coll. what a journey t has been.. fights, problems, lunch time fun, smal misunderstandings, the tyms yu cried to me :P i won tel y don worry.. whatever happens swe, ll b there for yu :) but jus remember our dealins thou i was a weensy bit late :P miss ya

9. pras- chennai - australlia - nepal - mauriitius now... journey may continue.. doctor pras :) yu rox n i miss yu loads. make sure yu temme whn yu come to chennai.. or hyd or india for tat matter.. :)

10. MEOW- few things bout yu meow 1. neva pik up cal 2. never respond to msgs 3. never ever msg askin y i called yet we re bes frens.. lol :) started as enemies in 9th, worst enemies in 10th, normal in 11th, frens in 12th, THE BES FRENS from then on :) miss yu :)

11. izz- lol don roll ur eyes yet:P i knw yu won comment here :D so relax n have a nice time in bang.. n btw i dunno, yu re like one o the only ppl here who jus knew me for like 14 days :) yes i won forget cafeteria:P never ever... miss yu n be n contact..

12 Kangrooh:miss, yu ve been my bes fren n always ll be :) n yu rok... all the very best for ur future :) say hi to ya pets from my side :D n if they bite yu scold me over the phone :P miss yu n do keep in touch :)

12. arul- lol no niks for yu :) jus be who yu re cos yu re one o a kind n yu rok the way yu re :) jus meet me the next tym i come mang or yu come hyd or we both go chen :P >:d<>:d<

13. neel- no complexity here.. simply puttin it, even though i am in hydrabad, the trucks tyre still remains in chennai.. :) yu know what i am talkin bout man :) missin all those times when we started off to go somewhere an ended up being in the same street :P

14. PJDD- i doubt it if yu knw tat this is your nick name :P anyhow there is one improvement now. yu ve started pikin up your calls. good girl :) ur surprise is still with me :P take care of yourself and please stay away from preeth :P

15. sri - dei murderer :P of all the people in 11th standard, i thought yu were t he rowdy.. sadness... stil remember the midnight talk during exams of 12th da(perverted morons shoo!!!) AND STIL REMEMBER THE TIME YOU BROKE MY EYE.. anyway :P enjoys man an don worry..

16. rag- naara payale.. i sil remember the day when you asked "are you only depressed an sad when you are on fb or gmail chat" lol.. and you must remember this "enne prachanai unakku". lol moments.. drive your bike properly n tc :)

17. vishwa- lol the first thing that comes to my mind is your nick as ghajini.. secnd is obviously NFS road in bessy :P all gaming sessions and all the tyms ew had fun in an outside coll.. heaven :)

16. Bubble - well well well i guess i am missing some one:P okay dont roll your eyes here you go. i knew you wud search for your name.. hope you did :P Living it n lovin it must ve been your tag lol... phone calls - negative. messages - take cover. yelling at me- affermative :P miss you loads :)

17. SMAll- I dunno why i am putting you here small, but yu re really really one o my bes frens :D lol yu rok now an forever small. and your no boyfriend theory s a fail small.. yu definitely have a boyfriend =) i know it :P

i dunno these re th ppl i miss :) funny yet funny again :P


  1. Thnx dude... don wanan sound gay but i miss u too!

    Btw good pic for deeps! :P

    Machi nan america poren da... did i tell u, im goin america da!! lol

    ok thevd... l8r...

    P.S : im goin america

  2. lol :) "dei iru da" yu shud remember this :D
    anyways i din knw yu were gonna us da :o
    wow yu wrote gre? mass da.. u r karthik ryt? echa all knw yu re gona US bragger

  3. pervert???? ethuku da???? n asss catch kuda pidika therilla nee lam cricketer eh!!!!(sarojaa samaa nikaalooo) lol:p!!!! n don miss da, enga poida porom!!! enga dan da iruken:) lol:) tc da vac macha:)

  4. lol :) sure man yu rox :D :D :D

  5. Agamotham most of them have lied for you to your mom intha unmai avangliku theriyuma ? :P

  6. :P lol theriytaama maintains :P

  7. man.. you rap too??